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Choosing an Arizona Lender

When you decide to move to Arizona, the first thing you want to begin doing is looking for a home and an Arizona lender to finance your new home. Some people choose to do this before they move in order to have everything in place when their move is final, but others want to wait until they arrive so that they can physically see the property they are buying. The problem with waiting is that you delegate yourself to an apartment or hotel until you find a home and an Arizona lender to finance it, thus you incur expenses for storage of your furniture and other belongings that won’t fit into your temporary residence.

Even if you are going to wait until you arrive to find a home, you can still choose an Arizona lender to finance the purchase. Many mortgage companies today offer pre-approvals on their websites or over the telephone, so if you do nothing else, you can obtain approval for your mortgage and look for the home when you arrive at your chosen destination. Keep in mind that the pre-approved mortgage has an expiration date, so if you are not planning to eave for six months or more, you may want to wait before you apply for a pre-approved mortgage, or it may not be valid when you arrive. Depending on the Arizona lender you choose, thee may be other criteria you must meet once you arrive, so make sure that you don’t take on any additional credit and that you don’t miss payments on any of your loans or payments in case they decide to run another credit check when you actually submit your application.

Before you can choose an Arizona lender, you may want to make certain that you know the area where you want to live, especially if you want a local lender. If that isn’t important, you still want to make sure that the Arizona lender you choose is willing to finance property in the area of your choice. Sometimes lenders have a policy concerning areas they are interested in financing, especially local lenders. They may want property that is within a certain parameter of their office in order to maintain closer contact with the homeowner, so you want to be sure if there are any distance requirements before you apply. It doesn’t always happen that there are regulations on areas, but it does happen sometimes with small lenders who may not have the ability to travel outside of their regional area.